We understand how stressful the Move-In Process can be. It doesn’t matter how much you plan ahead—there always seems to be one more thing that needs to be done! A common scenario, such as this, inspired us to create the most streamlined and efficient system to help provide a better relocating experience for our clients. Our Free and complimentary Connection-Concierge team researches your new location to find out which utilities and services are offered to best fit the needs of our clients.

Our Connection-Concierge team works directly with every major telecommunications company in the USA and Canada. The best deals offered by location are constantly being researched, and we are constantly on the watch to find the best pricing for our clients.

After you complete our Move-In Connect Information Form, we start researching everything for you. You should expect to be contacted by our team either by email or phone (depending on your selected preference) within 48 hours. If you want to speak to someone immediately, our free number is 1-844-221-5608. After our Move-In Connect specialists have identified and explained all of the TV, Phone, Internet, and Security packages that are available at your location, you just simply choose everything you need. Then we go ahead and schedule all of the connections for you! An email from our team will provide you with a Move-In Connect Schedule, which outlines all the details from each individual service provider (e.g., Customer ID Number, direct customer service number, and service package details).

We are here for you!

And please remember we are a FREE service! Call 1-844-221-5608 to give us a try today!